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We support companies that sell products or services to other businesses. A sales team can be costly to stand-up. So too can a full-time training person or a customer success manager. At some point it will make sense to have your own team. Until then, FPG Sells is a cost-effective alternative. We ramp sales or provide training or facilitate customer success management on your products or services. We conduct business in your company name and report our activities on your behalf to you regularly. 

Use our affordable services to ramp sales, train your customers, or manage their success. This allows you to redeploy capital for marketing, operations or other purposes.


Service #1: Sales

All businesses need customers. We can help with that. Is your current prospect base a barren landscape that needs seeding, watering and nurturing? Perhaps your current efforts are seeing buds pop up above the soil, but they need to be cultivated and harvested. Let’s talk about how we can help.

Service #2: Training

Sometimes overlooked, sometimes treated in an ad hoc fashion, training, when it is systematic, contributes to your long-term viability and improves your customer’s return on investment (ROI). Instead of tapping an available employee to teach this new customer how to use  your product or service, call us. 

Service #3: Customer Success Management

How do you see this role? Here’s our take on it. Your customers’ success is first and foremost about their satisfaction with your product or service. In addition, a Customer Success (CS) unit is not the CIA but can be a great source of important insight. Awareness can lead to future sales and defend against competitors at the gate. Let’s talk.

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